Height 90cm, Width 90cm, Depth 90cm
Artist & Title:
Lachlan Ross 'Black Sphere'
$22,000 USD
This stunning black luxury stainless steel sculpture classically designed to feature the intricate weavings of each small length of mild steel, expertly welded and crafted to form an almost perfect circle.

Ideally displayed with complementary lighting - either inside the sculpture or shining directly onto the artwork - this piece would throw a beautiful cast of pattern on its surrounds, enhancing any environment - indoors or outdoors.

This Luxury Sculpture is currently available for purchase or rental. Call us on +61 3 9824 7000 or +61 433 33 8800 to enquire.

Designed with a fixed 'male' fitting at its base, the sculpture can be provided to our clients with a matching steel 'female' fitting which can later be mounted into concrete, wood, steel, stone or any suitable material of your choice. Your design professional or builder will be best to advise you on your options and can easily incorporate the female fitting into your needs and requests. Otherwise please talk to us about plinth options currently available to you through our gallery.

Artist Lachlan Ross was born and raised in Australia. His signature style is that of intricately woven pieces of marine grade stainless steel featuring a dichotomy of being both delicate and light in appearance - yet in fact they are solid and almost indestructible.

He generally produces larger scale works of abstract shapes, primarily produced in Stainless Steel and Corten steel and his works includes installations in many corporate buildings, hotels and shopping centres, whilst also adorning countless luxury residences across Australia and Internationally.